The Star Wars sexology has had its fair amount of spoofs and comedy aimed at it and although Robot Chicken have delivered 2 fantastic parodies they’re going for the hat trick with their latest and last adventure into the Star Wars Universe: Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 3.

As per usual you can expect violence, dark humour, office jokes and Boba Fett acting like a complete dick! The gang behind the last two have really listened to the fans and brought back the humour that went down so well especially from Emperor Palpatine who starts the story off in a teen romance comedy kind of way. The audience is then fast forwarded through the entire saga as we see how Emperor Palpatine ended up being thrown down that reactor shaft.

…Ewoks getting hit by speeder bikes…

As before the humour is fast paced and if you’re a fan of the original and new trilogies you will see star wars situations based on pop culture references, sight gags and toilet humour that a fan boy would be proud of.

Although all of the films are emphasised there is relevant reference to Return of the Jedi as this is the 3rd film in the Robot Chicken franchise. The Sarlacc pit (inside and out), The band playing onboard Jabba’s sail barge, Ewoks getting hit by speeder bikes and the emperor on the second death star’s escalator are all featured as well as how the Wampa (snow beast) felt after losing his arm.

The mythology has been done to death…

Generally fans of Robot Chicken will adore this last outing into Star Wars territory, however as an avid Star Wars fan I can honestly say that it being 2011 I have seen my fair amount of spoofs, goofs, parodies and sketches based around the theme. After a while I did feel some of the jokes were too little, too late to be funny. The mythology has been done to death in the media and I do feel it was reflected in this.

However, overall I enjoyed the experience and the voice talents were superb! Released on July 4th the DVD boasts some impressive extras with 3 hours of special features! These include: For the Love of Toys Featurette – For the Love of Star Wars Featurette – For the Love of Filmmaking Featurette – Trailers – Skate tour – Sunday in the – Boardroom with George Lucas – SW Celebration Panels – Easter Eggs – Voice Records Featurette – Writing Process Featurette – VFX Featurette – Skywalker Ranch premiere – Deleted Animatics – Chicken Nuggets – Gag Reel – Commentaries.

So hardcore Star Wars fans will get the in jokes while non fan boys will enjoy the violence. It’s a good parody, but if you’ve never watched the series start with Part 1 or at least watch the Star Wars Films… but start with the originals!

4 Stars

Images courtesy of Robot Chicken



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