New Year celebrations often involve extortionate club prices, jam-packed venues and spending insane amounts of money for a taxi ride home. That is of course, if you are lucky enough to gain entry into a venue in the first place. However, if you’re clever (and cool) enough to throw a New Year party a few months early, then you’ve automatically ruled out any of the above fuss. Urban lifestyle brand EASTPAK proved this last Wednesday night.

Set amidst London’s bustling East End, The Hoxton Bar & Grill was a fitting location for EASTPAK’s New Year party. Those present at the exclusively guest listed event were roaring and ready to see in the New Year assisted by host of the night, BBC 3’s Matthew Horne, who was seen stylishly sporting an EASTPAK rucksack throughout.

…Deschamps appeared onstage in nothing but an EASTPAK bum bag.

On-stage, the celebration kicked off with a lively performance by London based foursome Wild Palms, not to be overdone by the following act LA Shark whose front man Samuel Geronimo Deschamps appeared onstage in nothing but an EASTPAK bum bag.

Headliners and crowd favourites Good Shoes pulled out all the stops performing old classics like The Photos On My Wall – a highlight for two thirds of the room that seemed to be die-hard fans of the band. Mystery Jets lead singer Blaine Harrison and Kev-Kev, aka AMP + DECK performed a special DJ set leading the party well into the early hours of the morning.

…September is indeed the new January.

A memorable night with good vibes throughout courtesy of the EASTPAK crew, confirming that September is indeed the new January.

Image courtesy of Eastpak



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