The optimistically named British ‘Summertime’ always heralds the arrival of music festival season, which seems to annually become more diverse and exciting. While Glastonbury, and knee deep cow pats and mud, is as appealing as ever to some, there are more intriguing options available for those of us who like our weather hot and our beer cold.

Hailed as ‘The Best European Festival’, EXIT is an eight day extravaganza of music and dance, on a beautiful stretch of Serbian coastline. From June 10th to 30th, a wonderfully eccentric selection of acts will take to the stage. 90s pop icons Suede will be headlining on the 13th, while 80s diva Gloria Gaynor and electro-musician Skrillx will entertain on other nights. Elsewhere on the site a host of dance and rock acts will keep crowds entertained long into the summer nights.

EXIT sounds like it has a really diverse range of music, with stages devoted to various genres, and the obligatory headliners stage. With decent weather and beautiful beach, it’s hard to see what’s not to love.

…it’s doing good business for the local youth…

More impressively, EXIT is a non-profit, so it’s doing good business for the local youth, funding activism and improvement projects, and promoting socially responsible actions.

Interestingly ticket prices are £95 – £105, making them substantially cheaper than any of the major offerings on English soil. Even factoring in the cost of travel to Serbia and accomodation onsite, it’s still a similar price to a weekend in a British field.

Given all that it has going for it, maybe it’s time to start brushing up on conversational Serbian.

живели – lets start with Cheers



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