onedotzero_adventures in motion festival 2011 opens its doors at the BFI in late November and its launch party gave onlookers every reason why they should attend it. Buried on a side street off of Old Street, onedotzero’s creative director Shane rj Walter gave us a walkthrough of what to expect while also allowing us to drain the bar of all of its liquids.

It was a good night and a successful start for what is hoped to be a resurgence for digital art/media/creativity. In a barren year for the economy where government funding for arts programs has dropped (in onedotzero’s case by 100%) it has been a struggle all across the country as people and businesses re-adjust to the current economic direction. By contrast onedotzero is heading in a different direction, one more upwardly mobile and it needs your help.

…startling creativity on show and some genuinely unique ideas…

The best thing to be said about the presentation is that the glimpses we saw of the content on offer were intriguing to say the least. There was some startling creativity on show and some genuinely unique ideas in terms of visual ingenuity. Here’s an idea of what to expect.

Wow+flutter 11

One of the main backbones of the festival, Wow+flutter 11 showcased all manner of weird and wonderful sights where pioneering creatives come and predict what they think the future of the moving image will be. Like many other parts of the festivals, programming it has a very visually distinct palette that’s hard to put your finger on, it is that far from what we expect from animation. 

J-star 11

Brilliantly displayed with a really catchy J-pop song, this celebrates the work coming out of Japan. None of what I saw made much sense in the tiny glimpses offered but such was the strength of the visuals and the prospect of seeing shorts/music videos from a different cultural perspective, that it was enough to pique my interest. Special mention must go to Tatsumi, a stunningly rendered part-fiction, part-biopic animation focusing on the life and short stories of artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi. 

Nightfall 11

Perhaps the funniest segment of onedotzero’s programme and a section aimed at adults, Nightfall 11 celebrates strange and trippy animation. With scares to be found, weird, psychedelic and alternative animation to be discovered, Nightfall 11 is likely to be a highlight of the festival with its indecent and adventurous visuals. 

Sprites 11

But onedotzero’s programming isn’t just for adults or teenagers with strange predilections, there’s also a segment for kids and the clip we were shown was for Furwars, a legitimately humorous take on talking animals. The animation was appropriate for a family audience and the humour was quite endearing. It marked the point that while onedotzero is about progressive animation and stimulating the future, it’s also about the different types of audiences that motion pictures and shorts can appeal to. What it leaves us with is an impressive variety of film/animation coverage on offer for people looking to have a good time at the festival.

…a must see for anyone who has an interest in forward thinking and progressive animation…

There is much more on offer; some of it looks fascinating. Other highlights being N.A.S.A.:The Spirit of Apollo (about the North American/South American music collaboration, not the space agency) and the promotion of upcoming British artists in the new British Talent 11 segment.

Still going strong after 15 years, onedotzero shows no sign of abating, a must see for anyone who has an interest in forward thinking and progressive animation, the onedotzero_adventures in motion 2011 is being held at the BFI Southbank from 23 to 27 of November.

Image courtesy of onedotzero



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