The people who bring you the night not to be missed are back again and on 5 November Spectrum are locked and stocked with a line-up which will smash their new venue; The Electric in Brixton, to pieces!

After last month’s re-launch, the word was out: Spectrum throws a party like no other. Look for the symbol, listen for the noise and follow the beat as this month’s line-up will be the loudest yet.

Drum and bass giants and electronic visionaries come together…

Drum and bass giants and electronic visionaries come together for this month’s line-up which includes performances from The Glitch Mob (Live), the sensational Shy FX & MC Wrec, Statix, Skreema as well as the return of the one and only Pete Jordan; the man guilty of creating this party in the first place.

Spectrum is now considered one of the most influential club and bass brands in the capital and their reputation is getting stronger.

…the return of residents Phonografik.

Bristol based Loadstar will also be there with their unique ‘drumstep’ sound which is already paving them onto an exciting road of musical mastery. Along with Skeema will also be the return of residents Phonografik.

To complete this stunning list of quality acts is Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Document One, Xkore and The Electric newcomers Sabertooth Fang. Spectrum is giving you all of this, as well as Idiosynphonic who will be hosting the infamous Room 2; the space where drum and bass and dubstep unite to take the party to the next level.

Remember, remember, 5 November…

To get in on the action, head down to The Electric, where the beats will start pumping at 10pm and not stop until 6am. For more information and to get your tickets, visit

Remember, remember, 5 November: Spectrum guarantee that you will.


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