On 20-21 October the first major 3D printing trade and consumer event, which aims to showcase the amazing potential and range that 3D print technology has, will take place in London.

On top of the massive amount of technology on offer, there will a series of educational workshops and seminars based round Film, Archaeology, Design, Medicine, Architecture and Business. With guest speakers and Q&As, there is a lot to take in and see like the interactive workshop Digital Fossils that will be run by prominent palaeontologist, Louise Leakey, App Development For A 3D World hosted by Mark Danks, The Future Of Design Within Engineering led by Michael Hayes, who is the technical lead engineer for Additive Manufacturing research & development for the Boeing enterprise; which all makes this an event should not be missed.

…vast knowledge and demonstrations to explain the many exciting qualities to 3D Printing…

The Exhibitors include Econolyst, Makerbot, Sculpteo, 3D4D Challenge and many more, bringing vast knowledge and demonstrations to explain the many exciting qualities of 3D Printing.

There will also be a one of a kind live show where many aspects of 3D printing within fashion, music and visuals will be showcased. From new and ground-breaking fashion garments to musical instruments designed and built by 3D Printing technology, the show will be an interesting and thorough explanation of the way 3D Printing is influencing our lives.

Tickets for the show can be found on the event’s website and if you’re a student you have the chance to see the event for free! However, these tickets are limited (only 500 will be given away) so if you want a chance to go along then sign up on their website for your chance to receive some.



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