I do not know what I did before my smart phone. Actually that is a lie as I remember what I got up to, but go with me on this one. There was a time when I knew all of my friends home numbers off by heart, went out with friends almost every other night, and watched television.

I’m not saying I don’t do these things anymore (that would make me sound like a hermit), but in the last ten years our reliance on the internet to satisfy social interaction has got a little out of hand. To the point where I would gladly chat to a friend on fb chat rather than leave my house.

Smartphones have also come very far in a short amount of time. My only really fear is not being able to check out my emails when my phone starts to die from battery. With such faster networks it’s weird to think that there was a time when train journeys were phone-less. What did we do? Contemplate our life on the hour journey to London?

Now we have no worries. The internet is our best friend, new networks like MTS 3GPLUSTM can deliver consistently strong average speeds (They’re also built just for data which is nice if you work from your phone), and everything from food shopping to paying your bills is a tap away.



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