I’ve always enjoyed cop buddy movies, so I was happy to watch the latest release, without subscription on blinkbox.com of 21 Jump Street to strike it off my long list of films I wanted to really see, but hadn’t got round too.

The film centres around two kids, Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum), who are from different social groups in school, and after graduation they both enrol in the police force. Morton is very nerdy and Greg is quite stupid, but athletic. The decided to help each other get through police training and become best friends. However, their idea of being a Police officer is shattered when they are put on bicycles and sent on patrol. After foiling a drug dealer they are sent to 21 Jump street which is a covert operation unit where young-looking officers are put into schools to bring down drug dealers. The two enrol as brothers in a local school where a new drug is surfacing and after messing up their enrolment, they have to fit in as their opposites.

…the film pulls off a wonderful transition from TV to silver screen…

Based on the TV series that starred Johnny Depp, the film pulls off a wonderful transition from TV to silver screen. Really pushing the boundaries of the “Wunza Movie” (where one’s a jock, the other’s a nerd) and how social expectations have changed the comedy flows from the complete reverse of what the main characters expect. Whereas Greg was the cool jock kid and Morton the social outcast, the roles are reversed when the guys find out that today’s school kids are concerned with the environment and being respectful to each other’s sexuality; so tensions flare and Morton who had a terrible time at school starts to believe he can really turn his life around.

With loads of cameos, a hilarious drug scene, decent fights and a ridiculous explosion joke, the film is a great addition to the cop buddy films of the late eighties/early nineties. If you’re not a fan of Police films then go along for school boy humour and drug related fun or Channing Tatum as a school jock or in a Police Uniform. Enough said.

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4 Stars



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