Combining funny guy Jonah Hill with eye candy Channing Tatum feels like a combination that just can’t fail. Their first project together was 21 Jump Street – playing on their youthful looks and having them play cops, sent back to High School to bust a drugs ring.
In the sequel, 22 Jump Street, they play on their youthful looks, and have them play cops, sent back to College to bust a drugs ring… Ok, so the plot may be a tad repetitive, but these aren’t the kind of movies you watch for their nuanced storytelling. They are obvious, occassionally cliched, and they frequently play on all manner of stereotypes. They’re also deeply funny, and enjoyably overstated. Despite its very similar plot, the second movie manages to hold it’s own for the 112 minute duration. Reprising the same roles, Tatum and Hill really come into their own, playing up to their natural type casting as the dumb jock and geek outsider. There’s a noticeably bigger budget to this second film, with far bigger action sequences and a high gloss finish to the whole thing.

A big part of the movies humour comes from its self-denigating humour, openly referencing the films cliches, the repeating plot, and the ridiculousness of Hill and Tatum passing for college students. Even as they get given the mission, they’re told “you look like you about 50. You going to MC State. You two sons of bitches are going to college!”

…brings enough current elements to feel fresh…

22 jump streetThere’s a real dumb boys humour throughout, but without stooping to being purely offensive. The College makes the film fairly relatable to its mostly young audience, with a great ‘walk of shame’ scene, and a key scene taking place in the library because ‘students don’t read books anymore’. The supporting cast of other students manage to cover the standard range of jocks, nerds and arty kids, but brings enough current elements to feel fresh – the slam poetry scenes, in particular, are a stroke of genius.

The film also pokes fun at the whole buddy cop genre, drawing attention to the absurdity of movie-cops throwing guns in the air, destroying public property, and spending money on ridiculous cars and offices, before going on to employ the same tactics itself.

 …It’s worth staying to the bitter end…

The credits are worth a special mention, poking fun at films with endless sequels (we’re looking at you Die Hard) – by showing off the potental for countless more Jump Street movies. It’s worth staying to the bitter end to see what could be coming next.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill have really made this film what it is, admittedly with a big helping hand from Ice Cube reprising his role as the stereotypical angry police captain. The films refusal to take itself seriously is really endearing, and makes it a really easy watch. Overall a really good movie, with a broad appeal and a simple but effective format, that’s worked not once, but twice!



Film Review - 22 Jump Street
80%Overall Score
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