It’s been a long time coming and after one of the longest set-ups for a film in movie history the time is finally here, dust off your shields, hammers, big fists and metal masks… as the Avengers Assemble!

After the final credits seen in Iron Man way back in 2008 when The Avengers was first hinted at by the first showing of Nick Fury, fans around the world were dying to find out more about the super hero team. Each Marvel film (excluding X-Men) in recent years gave more clues to the blockbuster and the final straw came when a short trailer was first shown after the credits of Captain America: The First Avenger. But now The Avengers are finally here, but do they live up to the hype?

…plenty of fast paced action, but also comedy throughout…


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I am more than happy to announce that it certainly does. The story sees Loki (from Thor) returning to earth in an attempt to start a war, so all of our favourite super heroes are drafted in by Nick Fury and Shield to help defeat Loki and save the world. As you can imagine big attitudes clash with each member trying to get the upper hand, but after some big fights the group come together to fight the upcoming onslaught to save the planet from certain destruction.

Joss Whedon was certainly the right man for the job as writer and director as he has created something that many would think impossible. Not only is there plenty of fast paced action, but also comedy throughout that will make anyone smile and give out a chuckle. Avengers Assemble is one of the best examples of a comic book film being successfully adapted into a feature as new fans to the series and hardcore comic book fans alike will not be disappointed.

4 Stars

Images courtesy of Zade Rosenthal, Warner Bros and Industrial Light and Magic



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