It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good scripted, non-clichéd action film and Broken City is like a breath of fresh air to the stereotypical James Bond sort of action film: it’s got politics, questions unanswered, a great plot and strong characters.

First of all we’ve got Mark Wahlberg who is a cop caught in a moment of vulnerability but in time manages to redeem himself by becoming a private investigator, a man with a good life and good sense of justice. Russell Crowe is the New York City mayor with a doubtful reputation who saves Billy (Wahlberg) from ending up in jail after murdering a man in a confusing situation.

This gives the mayor power over him and will use it later after 7 years time to his own benefit right before the elections. He hires Billy to investigate his wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who is believe to have an affair. It seemingly turns out she might just do but it all leads to highly political conflict, a cat and mouse chase after power and money. In the end the good guy saves the day and justice is made.

…the script is very wisely written…

Even though that is to be expected to happen in the end, the script is very wisely written with an unpredictable plot that is bound to surprise the viewer, scene after scene. However the film doesn’t bring anything meaningful, if anything it is just a critic at the way politics work these days, when everything is based on corruption and everyone works in their own favour. But the way all the characters are linked to each other is what makes the film good.

Allen Hughes, the director portrays New York City in a very Gotham City way with a more sophisticated form of villains and a more real hero that people can truly relate to. Broken City stands out in the wave of recent action films and will sure be that typical film you see in cinemas with a big bag of popcorn in your hands.

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