Filmmakers are constantly taking new technology and effects and advancing them into the next generation. They push the boundaries as to what we expect to see from a film. The latest style constantly being adapted and enhanced is the use of rough, shaky, hand-held cameras usually based on one of the character’s perspective.

Every year new genres are being taken into this new direction of film making, the latest film to follow the trend is Chronicle.

…the filmmakers have put a lot of effort into authenticity…

Chronicle is set in the current day and based around Andrew a typical lonely teenager struggling to cope with his everyday life. Andrew has a lot to deal with; from his mother slowing dying from a serious illness to his dad being an aggressive alcoholic. Also he has no friends at school apart from his cousin.

Andrew decides to buy a cheap camera so that he can film everything happening in his life, but something happens to him that changes his life forever. While at a rave in the woods, his cousin and the most popular guy at school find a huge hole hidden in the woods, the three go down to investigate, but something happens to them and the trio suddenly have powers that they can control with their minds. The more they use their new powers the stronger they get and it isn’t long until they can do amazing things.

…amazing special effects working in a hard-hitting, deep story…

Without giving too much of the plot anyway the story really can hit close to home for a lot of people who have been bullied at school and wished they’d have powers to change such tough personal circumstances.

The effects, mixed with a good story really make this film a fun watch. You can clearly tell that the filmmakers have put a lot of effort into authenticity as minor, yet significant details can clearly been seen.

This is one of the best films that I have seen so far in 2012. For anyone who wants to see amazing special effects working in a hard-hitting, deep story, look no further than Chronicle.

4 Stars

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