I don’t know how objective I can be about this film, since I have been looking forward to it since I’ve first seen the trailer, plus, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s presence in the audience made it all the more worse. I shouldn’t get starstruck. Maybe I wasn’t in such a bad state after all, but still he is JGL. The guy on the screen was sat somewhere in the back of the cinema. I was overwhelmed by this film.

As sexy as this film comes, it is equally innovating in the way it approaches some very important questions and ideas of the contemporary society: internet, the importance of religion, family, relationships and acknowledging the power of THINGS.

Jon Martello is a remarkable character that I would never associate with JGL (because he seems to be the nicest guy ever usually) but the character goes from a trivial porn-watching kid to a very disciplined young man when it comes to all the other aspects of his life. And he loves his things (to quote the trailer: “My body, my pad, my ride, my family, my church, my boys, my girls, my porn.”) One day he runs into something that challenges him, to change, to break his rules: Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson) who is one tricky lady that knows how to deal with guys like Jon and will use her beauty to bring him where she wants him. As Jon said: she “is the most beautiful thing” (which is terrible to call a girl, a “thing” but that’s just Jon) he’s ever seen, but beauty turns out to not be everything that matters after all.

…how much do romantic films affect the female concept of real-life love?

Don Jon's Addiction-302.cr2

 Just as Jon has an obsession for this films, so does Barbara obsess over her rom-coms and she will do just as much he does to achieve that perfect romance of the couple meeting, falling in love and running away in the sunset. This here is an incredible question raised by JGL in the script: how much do romantic films affect the female concept of real-life love? Obviously a lot, because nothing like that will ever happen to Barbara or any other girl that feeds off that illusion. She has her own ideas about what the perfect man should be and look like: perfect in a suit, educated, and should never do his own cleaning. And never, ever, EVER even think about watching adult films. That is everything that Jon is not (fair enough, he might be able to pull a suit, but that’s obviously not him).

I cannot go any further because I would spoil the quite unpredictable outcome of the film. Don Jon is surprising, hilarious and very, very intelligent in approaching some touchy subjects that not many filmmakers would have the guts to talk about. It’s raw, right in your face and fearless.

…his films will be more and more appreciated…

JGL seems to have gained a fair deal of knowledge of film, it is obvious that he has seen and been in film for a long time because this shows. Even though it might look a bit big-headed to write, direct and star in your own movie, Don Jon would not be the same without him behind all of the three wheels. I hope we will get to see more of his work in the years to come and you can be sure that in time, his films will be more and more appreciated because he does have something to say on the screen.

Med_4_5 Stars4.5 Stars



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