Driving fast cars and eating burgers!

Drive has sped onto our screens as a thrilling and electrifying film that has catapulted Ryan Gosling into the spotlight via the character who is only known as Driver. A Hollywood stunt performer by day and a getaway driver for unlawful citizens by night, he is mystifying, quite unspoken and dangerous, but a hero all the same, taking on a Los Angeles mob in vengeance.

As the almost silent yet atmospheric opening scenes steadily roll along via Cliff Martinez’s vibrant soundtrack, Driver forms a friendship with his neighbour Irene (Carey Mulligan) in the apartment block in which he lives. The relationship begins to blossom into a passionate romance until her husband is released from jail and comes back onto the scene. As way of silent apology Driver gets tangled up in the husband’s criminal past and the film plummets into an explosive and electrifying finale.

…moments of slow, tender and passionate emotion, intertwined with blood-curdling violence…

What is noticeable throughout is Gosling’s continuous coolness which smoothly intermingles both masculinity and gentleness and draws in a very important notion of understanding from the audience; that as the protagonist he can be just as hostile and dangerous as the criminals he begins to pursue.

With a refreshing mix of electro pop and the soft and tranquil original soundtrack by Cliff Martinez, Drive is one of the most unassumingly impressive films released this year due to its near-perfect cinematography, minimal, yet powerful script and the dramatic and mysterious performance by Gosling.

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