In recent years I have warmed to Tom Cruise. Even though there are still countless crazy rumours about him, I think film wise he has done well for a middle aged action star.

20140527 edge CBSo on a muggy Thursday evening I met up with two of my best old uni mates and headed to the packed screening of the film. Having seen the trailer a while back I wasn’t all that interested in the film (if I’m honest). A friend from school had read the book the film is based on, and so I was kind of clued up on how it was going to go. Either way I was going to give it a chance as I had enjoyed Cruise in Jack Reacher, and even the stupidly OTT steal-every-sci-fi-reference-ever Oblivion. Secondly it had Emily Blunt in it who in my mind is a fantastic and underrated actress.

The film opens with a Tom Cruise voice over, and a clever explanation through found footage and TV reports of how the war started. An asteroid hits Germany and unleashes an alien techno horror called mimics that sweep through Europe and devastate the population. On the brink of collapse the world unites and fights back by arming its soldiers with suits that make them super soldiers. After the first ever human victory in Verdun the UDF (United Defence Force) decide to take this victory and push into Europe in a worldwide attack to end the mimic threat once and for all. Sounds complicated? This is the first ten minutes..

So Tom Cruise plays a major who is demoted and put on the front lines of the first wave into occupied France. However, in the battle something happens and when he dies he wakes up the morning before. Live, Die, repeat indeed. As he relives the same day he realises that Emily Blunt had this power and that’s why humanity won the first battle at Verdun. However, the power has been transferred to him, which means she will have to train him to win the battle and end the war.

…Live, Die, repeat indeed…

The odd thing about this film is that there is a large amount of humour involved for something that is generally quite grim. Because of his reliving the day, Cruise knows how people will fight, back stories and even conversations. Blunt’s training means that if he is hurt she will kill him to reset the day. It makes for a an interesting experience as where films like Vantage Point were incredibly boring, Edge Of Tomorrow never slows down. The epic beach fight scene is seen many times, but as Cruise gets better the outcome gets more violent. And we all like violence.

I generally find fault with most films whether they be too long or the storyline is boring, but Edge Of Tomorrow gets straight to the point. It reminded me a lot of Halo in weapon design and the alien mimics were quite a spectacle to behold.

…Plus Emily Blunt has a large sword…

I don’t think the trailer really does this film much justice for the scope that it explores. Imagine living the same day over, fighting the same unstoppable enemy and watching the person you love die… every day. Plus Emily Blunt has a large sword. Just watch it for her fight scenes. My goodness she was cool.



Film Review: Edge of Tomorrow
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