Nicolas Cage, one of Hollywood’s busiest actors is back to reprise his role as the demon skeleton bike rider with a flaming head in the sequel to Marvel Knights’ popular comic book character Ghost Rider. Will the Rider make up for a lot of criticisms received after the first film or will it fail to hit the mark again?

The story follows Johnny Blaze (Cage) as he tries to lose the curse that he agreed with the devil to save his soul. Blaze must help protect a child that the devil wants to change bodies with and only has a few days to save him.

The special effects are good…

The film fails to hit any mark that not only makes a good comic book adaptation but a quality film in general. The story is weak with bad jokes thrown in throughout the film that distract from the plot. The acting was poor throughout; it seemed as if Nic Cage only viewed the film as another pay cheque. The special effects are good but with current technological capabilities it is nothing that takes your breath away.

After hearing about this sequel, I was hoping a reboot of the series would make up for the first film, but it heavily disappointed and I lost interest within the first 20 minutes. It looks like Ghost Rider will be stuck in film hell for the forthcoming future until filmmakers take a serious crack at the characters, and create a film which comes anyway near to the success and popularity of the comic.

2 Stars


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