I had heard that this film would change the way we would look at cinema. A game changer you could say. I really was not prepared for this film and if you have dreams of becoming an astronaut, Gravity could ruin them for you.

The plot revolves around astronaut Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), who is sent to the Hubble Space Telescope to fix several problems with it. She is accompanied by the mission commander Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) who is a seasoned spaceman on his final mission. Unfortunately to say any more about the plot would surely ruin it, so I will sum it up as my friend put it: “Worst Day Ever”.

Alfonso Cuarón, who never disappoints in my opinion, has crafted a film that places the viewer in the situations that happen. So much so that at several points in the film we are thrown into a first person shot of Ryan trying to grab onto a space station, as she is flung further and further away. It is harrowing, but overall incredibly impressive. The cinematography is top notch and at no point do you not believe that they aren’t in space. An experimental rig system, and kino box, were created to simulate weightlessness and the placing of the light in space, and I have been informed that most of the sets are CGI. Honestly this could be the best CGI ever put to a film. And I am a harsh judge when it comes to GCI.


…a particular love of country music eerily fits the beautiful, but deadly environment…

Bullock shines as the nervous astronaut on her first mission, and as things get worse we find out more about her past which adds to the tension and need for her to escape to solid ground. Clooney, for me, steals the show with his wise cracks and famous stories. And a particular love of country music eerily fits the beautiful, but deadly environment they inhabit.

Gravity is intense and will surely blow you away. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves Sci-Fi as it could be the most realistic depiction of space put to film since Sunshine.

If the idea doesn’t grab you then go to see the visuals of Earth. Or if you’re a film buff, go for the long takes, as the film opens and they don’t cut for at least half an hour!

Med_5 Stars5 Stars



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