Being a complete sucker for children’s animation from Toy Story to Madagascar I knew there would be little chance that I wasn’t going to enjoy Happy Feet Two, especially after how much I liked the first installment of Mumble and his dancing antics.

Happy Feet Two follows on from the first, with Mumble, now older and father to young Erik, who after stumbling upon Sven (an incredible flying penguin, voiced by Robin Williams) wants nothing more than to learn to fly. In the midst of the struggle between Mumble and his son, their whole penguin colony is in danger having been trapped by shifting ice as Mumble and his sons avoided the disaster, it is up to them to find help. 

…a wonderfully presented feature and it was handled beautifully in 3D. 

This was a wonderfully presented feature and it was handled beautifully in 3D. In time for winter. it is a perfect Christmas flick, with an incredible star-studded cast including Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Pink. While I did think that some moments in the film would potentially scare a really young audience; maybe under the age of 5, the film was incredibly funny and had a great feel good factor. 

What I really enjoyed was the story about the krill called Bill (Matt Damon) and Will (Brad Pitt) that runs in parallel with the main story: Will wishes to break free from the krill swarm as he feels he is different (one in a krill-ion!) and wants to discover what there is beyond the swarm – this small story provides much of the comedy and is a nice addition. 

A heart warming winter film… 

A heart warming winter film that kids (and apparently adults) will enjoy. It wasn’t as good as Happy Feet, mainly down to the sleeker narrative of the first film, but still not a let down of a sequel by any means.

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