Who would’ve thought Christopher McQuarrie, the man who scribed The Usual Suspects would be the same man to bring All American action hero Jack Reacher to the big screen?

Jack Reacher2Based on the ninth book in Lee Child’s best selling detective series, former Military police officer Jack Reacher is called into investigate a sniper shooting, which lead to the death of five individuals. The police already have their suspect in former Military marksman James Barr however something is not quite right with the evidence and it is Reacher’s job to prove his innocence.

There is much to like about the movie. Jack Reacher begins with a brilliant yet devastating opening sequence, which can only remind of the horrendous events in America. Immediately this draws us into the story because the stakes are so high and we are screaming for a hero to step into the action and deal with this tragedy.

Werner Herzog is laughable and hammy…

JACK REACHERThe plot is packed with lots of twists and turns, with an intriguing investigation always pushing forward at a measured pace. This provides the perfect platform for Tom Cruise to show off his fighting chops. He brawls with a gang of thugs outside a bar, he zips around in a red chevy when attempting to evade the police and there is a well-put-together final shootout.     

For all the good stuff Cruise brings to the story the supporting cast fails. They are poor and mediocre at best. Rosamund Pike stands out as incredibly bland with an unconvincing American accent. Werner Herzog is laughable and hammy as Reacher’s nemesis The Zec and I still don’t understand what Hollywood sees in David Oyelowo.

…much controversy…

There was much controversy over the casting of the title character. Having not read the books it will be difficult to measure how good a match Cruise is for the role. What I can say is this film feels like a generic Tom Cruise film. Tom Cruise is playing Tom Cruise Action man. He is not the extraordinary drifter, ghost, the man with the no name Jack Reacher, which I believe is the biggest disappointment of the movie. 



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