We’ve all seen The Wizard of Oz. It was an Easter staple in my house to watch this and devour all of our chocolate eggs in one sitting. This is probably the reason for my obesity as a child, but that is another story.

OztheGreatandPowerfulSo the plot is a simple one: a travelling fair magician called Oscar (James Franco) gets into trouble at the fair and escapes in a hot air balloon minutes before a tornado rips through Kansas. He is transported to Oz and meets the witch Theodora (Mila Kunis) who tells him that his arrival was prophesised and that he will save Oz from the wicked witch. He pretends to be this great wizard, as after he has defeated the witch he will rule Oz – Jewels and all.

So on the way he picks up a talking monkey (Zach Braff), meets the witch Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and the good witch Glinda (Michelle Williams). As the story continues not everything is right in Oz and the main concern is who really is the wicked witch…

…James Franco can only play himself…

OztheGreatandPowerful1Unfortunately by the half-way point I couldn’t care less. The amount of CGI in this film is baffling, but pointless, and to my knowledge, was only put in to show the beauty of what can be done with modern technology. The plot is flimsy at best and little tie-ins with the original Oz outing links us to a place we’ve seen, but at the present couldn’t care about.

I suppose my main beef with this film is that James Franco can only play himself. I found his performance boring and where his character demanded oomph he just fell flat. The supporting cast did their best, but the writing and situations let them down. Mila Kunis is so recognisable as the voice of Meg from Family Guy that all I saw was Meg. At certain points she gets angry and all I could vision was ugly old Meg. Not to mention the fact her character becomes ugly in the film.

…it is tremendous and slightly racist…

There was one joke that I laughed out loud at, but sadly even that couldn’t save this movie (even if it is tremendous and slightly racist). Stay for Rachel Weisz and the China girl, but other than that, only go if you are a huge The Wizard of Oz fan.

Med_2.5 Stars2.5 Stars



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