I remember going to the cinema when I was young and watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie with my family.

Pacific Rim 2At the time I thought it was amazing, but on reflection the special effects are atrocious. I was a big fan of Power Rangers when I young and the idea of monsters and robots fighting in a city got me thinking back to old evil Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. So with today’s technology and the masterful eye from Guilermo Del Toro helming the project, I was excited going into Pacific Rim.

The film focuses on a portal that has opened in the Pacific Ocean. Giant monsters called Kaiju have appeared through it and start a war of destruction against the world. In retalitation a new weapon called Jaegars are commissioned; huge robots with the abilities to combat these monstrous creatures. When the war starts to go badly a plan to end the Kaiju threat is concocted, but with so few experienced pilots the head of the Jaegar program (Idris Elba) calls on an old pilot (Charlie Hunnam) for one final push against the monsters.

…exactly the kind of stereotypes found in a computer game…

Pacific Rim 3The film starts off well with a titanic fight, but when the real characters are introduced the film starts to drag. Where before, Del Toro’s work has been interesting in character development, the characters in Pacific Rim are incredibly stereotypical; to the point of laughing. The various teams that control the Jaegars are exactly the kind of stereotypes found in a computer game. The Jaegars themselves are boring in design and tailored to their country of origin. For example: the Russian design is as you would expect: built like a house and bordering on communist era design. It leads to a sense of clumsiness design wise, which is a shame for a film that has such beautiful thought out locations (future Tokyo is gorgeous and full of Kaiju bones).

The acting in the film is very hammy, and I mean very hammy. No doubt there will be a South Park parody very soon because it’s all a little over the top. To be honest by the time all of the characters had been established I was hoping to jump back into a big monster fight, but when it came it felt like Transformers.

…by the time you get to the good stuff you’ve stopped caring…

Overall the film is pretty, but the characters let it down. The feeling of the monster movie is there, but by the time you get to the good stuff you’ve stopped caring.

Stay for Ron Perlman (who steals every scene he is in), but avoid the rest.

Med_2 Stars2 Stars



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  1. Vonter

    You captured my experience atching this film. I don’t know if it’s taste or nitpicking but I wasn’t very wowed by this movie. It lacked identity, and soul.

    And what I find sadder is that it seemed so ambitious on it’s concept, but got very uniterested in how it told it.



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