Paranormal Activity 3 is set in 1988 as a young Katie and Krystal are traumatised by an evil spirit called Toby. While the girls are spooked, their mother’s new boyfriend captures all the events on camera.

The third instalment of the series was set to explain how the activity began, but I didn’t find it all that explanatory showing the sisters as children and the haunting that begins to occur around them.  It didn’t connect with any of the future instalments until the very end, and even then I didn’t think the link was all that clear.

The obligatory jumpy moments are consistent throughout, but there isn’t much else to the film; the story is meagre but the effects do create the ‘hide behind your hands’ atmosphere that has earned the film series great success.  The intelligence comes from the narrative approach of: most of the time not much is going on but you actually scare yourself in anticipation.

2 Stars

Image courtesy of Paranormal Activity 3



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