If you’ve seen Shrek then you fell in love with the sidekick character of Donkey. When Shrek 2 came out, audiences were given another sidekick; the marvellous and cute looking Puss in Boots the fearsome Ogre Killer. When you have such wonderful characters that work well together in a franchise it is sometimes difficult to have origin stories or spin offs. Luckily for Puss this wasn’t the case and this film is pretty damn ‘purr’fect (ahem).

So not to confuse anyone, this film is set before Puss (Antonio Banderas) meets Shrek and Donkey and tells the tail (ahem) of how Puss became such a great swashbuckling hero. From the outset, we are treated to a soundtrack reminiscent of The Mask of Zorro, a dusty, but vibrant town and various feats of thievery and swordplay. As the film continues we discover that Puss is on the run from the authorities for something he did in his past and, before he knows it, he is caught up in a plan to steal the golden goose from the mythical giant’s castle. This of course means stealing the legendary magic beans from serial killers Jack and Jill, teaming up with his adopted brother Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifinakis) and aiding the world’s greatest thief Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek). As you can imagine there is quite a lot of action including a Spanish dance off at an underground cat club (the aptly named glitter tray) and an immense fight with the terror that guards the golden goose.

…I find anything with cats, giant birds and twisted fairy tales hilarious…

Antonio Banderas shines in the film, but it’s not too far away from his days in The Mask of Zorro. The other characters are well rounded and as the plot thickens the fights, humour, twists and turns keep the pace alive.

I went into the cinema with doubts about this film, but was pleasantly surprised being that I find anything with cats, giant birds and twisted fairy tales hilarious. The animation is stunning and more than enough to keep little kids entertained while there are several adult jokes that will breeze over an innocent mind.

…Shrek, Rednecks, Eggs, Spanish films, Zorro, Geese and cats…

My only beef with the movie was the main villain’s intentions. Personally I like to see a villain bring out his sociopathic nature and this unfortunately didn’t happen.

If you liked Puss in Shrek, Rednecks, Eggs, Spanish films, Zorro, Geese and cats then you will love this film.

4.5 Stars

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  1. Jamie Baker | Media Editor

    I havn’t seen it yet, but is that picture at the top of the article got the boy in it, who in the last Shrek film insists “Do the roar” to Shrek?! If so I’ve got to see it – he was so funny.



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