Let’s go back to the start of the ‘buddy-cop’ concept that has successfully propelled within the film business over recent years.

We only have to look at Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon, Starsky and Hutch and more so recently The Heat to know how successful the buddy-cop concept has been, yet over recent years, this concept has lost its originality and even if it was still successful, it isn’t any more due to Ride Along. Kevin Hart is Ben, a “quick-witted” high school security guard with the romantic hopes of marrying his girlfriend Angela played by Tika Sumpter and also with the dream of becoming a police officer. He gets accepted into the academy and then convinces his brother-in-law James, played by Ice Cube into letting him ride along with him whilst on patrol.

James is a typical hard and tough cop who subsequently agrees to this ride along, but only to scare Ben out of marrying his sister. Sadly, the film continues to bore as they both get tangled in an investigation in which Ben’s obsession with playing videogames helps a deal between illegal gun dealers and kingpin Omar.

…The two just don’t gel nor do they even compliment each other…

The issue with this film is that the scenes never change and the characters are less than entertaining and pleasing. Cube’s expressions do not alter and he seems completely oblivious to the fact he is a character in a comedy whilst Hart is the complete opposite as he jumps around like a hyper child addicted to sugar. The two just don’t gel nor do they even compliment each other.

Ride Along is quite frankly boring. It is unoriginal and lacks any entertainment value because it is so exhausting. The characters do not match and there is little or no relief from the supporting cast, if anything, the supporting cast (John Leguizamo, Bryan Callen) are just lazy and uninteresting, basically forgettable.

…it’s too loud and whiny…

In truth, the film could have been a lot better than it was but thankfully, The Heat got there first and it was by far a much more entertaining, funny and well-gelled team. In Ride Along, it doesn’t aspire to go anywhere. Hart and Cube are on completely different wavelengths throughout, it’s too loud and whiny (Hart, take note.) And the gags that were supposed to make the audience laugh, only leave the audience feeling awkward and cringing.

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