I do not think anyone who decides to watch this film would expect to witness a masterpiece or an Oscar-worthy piece and neither did I. It didn’t even pass as a guilty pleasure. A completely predictable scenario played by the protagonists who were only able to deliver impeccable dance moves along with shameful acting performances.

If there was a chapter at which this film succeeded to somehow impress, it should be the visual aesthetics and the witty use of 3D to make a dance film in our day and age.

…I pity StreetDance 2.

You may say dance films are made for a certain kind of people or for a certain age group, but then I think of all the memorable dance films out there and I start to pity StreetDance 2. Dirty Dancing, Billy Elliot, Flash Dance, Black Swan just to name a few all managed to reach that desired target: to make the viewer relate to the story and in most cases, feel inspired to do their best.

StreetDance 2 however lacks a good subject and instead addresses a very superficial one: From the polished sets, to the ridiculously good looking characters brought to the audience’s view through lots of close-ups and very witty use of the lighting.

Sometimes sequels are utterly pointless.

However if there is a good side to this film, it has to be the talent the dancers prove to have. I have to admit it is quite endearing to watch people perform at their best in such a flattering light. As bad as the film may be, the feeling when you see someone dance amazingly in slow-motion is indeed empowering, but not particularly inspiring. It could make you wonder, about your talents and if you can make jaws drop like “the popcorn boy”, but that is about as far as it goes. StreetDance 2 fails to impress on most levels, only succeeding to entertain with some groovy dance scenes. Sometimes sequels are utterly pointless.

1 Star

Image courtesy of Vertigo Films



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