When I first watched Taken I was shocked at how good it really was. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest; in fact it was a friend who brought it by on the off chance that we had time to watch it. So after enjoying it thoroughly I was delighted to hear that a sequel was on its way. I was slightly sceptical as to where the storyline could go (kidnapping the same daughter again?), but after seeing Liam Neeson spout his spiel about being taken and that his whole family were up for grabs I was excited.

The storyline follows on from the first film as the families of the baddies who were killed I the first swear revenge on Neeson and his whole family. Cut to Neeson teaching his daughter to drive, sorting out his ex-wife’s failing relationship and the sudden realisation of his daughter having a boyfriend. The film builds suspense as we know that something bad is lurking in the background, but these sometimes humorous family matters drive home the caring relationships behind Neeson’s family.

When his daughter and ex-wife decided to come stay with him in Istanbul things get ugly. Cue car chases, martial arts and gun fights ringing out across the Turkish city. With his entire family to lose Neeson has to enlist the help of his daughter to save his wife, but after her previous attack is she up for the task?

…the whole cinema was in stitches…

Whereas Taken may have played the serious card, the sequel does play more of the comedy hand. Some of the more serious lines of the movie that on paper sound good come out sounding ridiculous. Some of the funniest scenes involve a SatNav, map of Istanbul and hand grenades and the whole cinema was in stitches over them. That’s not to say the film is a comedy as there are still some impressive set pieces and fight scenes.

Bumping the film down to a 12A has meant a distinct lack of bone crunching and killer end moves, but at the end of the day Neeson still kills the baddies in some impressive and inventive ways.

Overall I think the film is a worthy sequel, but the franchise could possibly look to go a bit darker for the next instalment.

Taken 2 is released in Cinemas October 4 2012.

4 Stars


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