Think of Taken (2008) and Cellular (2004) mixed together and add a bit of Halle Berry in tears to it and this is pretty much what The Call is all about.

The film takes us to the place where “the glue of the city” as Richard D’Ovidio – the screenwriter- calls the the 911 call center, where the operators have to stay detached emotionally from the calls they are getting and still work effectively and help the callers.

Halle Berry plays Jordan Turner, one of the operators who is shocked when one day she cannot proceed to help one of the callers stay alive. Soon after that incident she gets a similar call, and this is when the action commences. The alert conversation between the abducted girl played by an increasingly talented, Abigail Breslin (remember Little Miss Sunshine?) keeps the audience on the edge of their seat not quite predicting what’s the next move the kidnaper might take. In fact the film is right on the edge of being easy to predict, just confusing and definitely unpredictable.

…extreme twist of events…

Throughout the last decade we’ve been used to seeing a lot of films where the bad guy has a strange fetish, or just aims at a certain type of girl for the most twisted reasons, so we know we should probably expect something even more sick from these new villains. Unfortunately the plot disappoints in terms of and extreme twist of events and ultimately, you will probably leave the cinema thinking: oh I thought that might happen.

Brad Anderson, the director is known for films such as The Machinist and some HBO collaborations with the series The Wire and the acclaimed Boardwalk Empire. He did manage to deliver D’Ovidio script quite well on the screen but, again, I’m afraid the script does not bring enough of a twist to the film and in the end it is essentially just a great film to see on a Friday evening with a box of popcorn – a classic action thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Med_3.5 Stars3.5 Stars



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