George Clooney is without a doubt one of the finest actors of all time. Some of his best work involves a darker world that finds him stuck in the middle of the often quirky yet realistic scenarios (some of my all time favourites include Up in the Air, The American and The Men who Stare at Goats). Hearing that Clooney was working with Fox Searchlight it would be a must see for me and The Descendants did not disappoint.

Matt King (Clooney) is a successful businessman living on the tropical island of Hawaii. King is trapped in the middle a negotiation with his family about a massive part of land they own, and is also trying to spend time with his daughters who are all trying to cope with their mother being in a life threatening coma after a boating accident. But the story takes another turn as King discovers his wife was having an affair. He is determined to find the man who was sleeping with his wife so that he can confront him.

…a powerful film with plenty of emotion and drama…

The Descendants is a powerful film with plenty of emotion and drama and a lot of comedy to make any audience laugh and cry. George Clooney definitely earned his Oscar nomination for his work on this film. At two hours long it does drag at times but that doesn’t take away the impact of the story, anyone can see the struggle that the family has had to go through and want to see them come out standing on top at the other end.

4 Stars


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