Adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel, the Lucky One tells the story of Logan (Zac Efron) a marine who during service survives a massive explosion that takes place following a raid, where a man on his side is shot dead. Outside he sees a picture on the ground; the face of a beautiful girl amidst the debris. He comes closer to the photo and this saves him from another nearby explosion; the girl becomes his survival. Upon returning to his hometown, he decides to embark on a journey, in search of this magical girl who gave him strength when he needed it the most.

The film mainly focuses on Logan’s journey of self-understanding. We first see him struggling with war, with wretchedness all around. But once he meets the woman that meant hope for him once, his perspective of the world becomes sharper. The film is successful in portraying this visually; the colours are as warm as the love that has started to bloom. He meets Beth (Taylor Schilling) at her house and lies about his intentions for being there. He says he is there to get a job working at the dog kennel her family owns, in the back of her house, in the middle of the woods. Logan is static with the prospect of working alongside Beth, but her ex-husband and father of her son is not so happy. They both meet as Logan awaits an answer about the job. Beth ex-husband is in the force too but he is certainly from a different school.

…formulaic in essence and that’s both its appeal as well as its demise…

The Lucky One is a solid Hollywood film, one that creates an atmosphere of idyllic love and tenderness. It is a far jump from reality, a world in which life is embalmed with a happy fluid, making deeper feelings softened and accelerating the heartbeats of those who enjoy an affectionate love story. It is not, however, a film that will take you to a different place, it is formulaic in essence and that’s both its appeal as well as its demise. So, if you are in the mood for a film that will not make you think but rather feel – like a teenager again – then this is the one for you.

3.5 Stars

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