One of literature’s greatest and most disturbed writers, the poet, Edgar Allan Poe, is re-imagined in a new medium for the new world. Will Mr Poe put his demons finally to rest or will The Raven continue to quote “Nevermore”?

The story follows Poe (John Cusack) near the end of his life when his girlfriend is kidnapped by a crazed, obsessed killer who leaves clues at each one of the murder scenes. Each murder relates to one of Poe’s poems or stories and he must track down the murderer before it is too late.

A classic detective narrative mixed in with some of Edgar Allan Poe’s best work might seem like an unusual mix but surprisingly it is pulled off here. John Cusack creates a great vision of the tortured soul of Poe with a mirror image look and intriguing dialogue.

Like any murder mystery film you’ll spend most of the running time trying to work out who is the culprit. The Raven is a must see for anyone who enjoys Poe’s work or loves a good mystery story.

4 Stars


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