Daniel Radcliffe is one of the latest young actors to make it big all over the world. The Harry Potter series might have made his career but he’ll have to work not only to prove himself as more than a one trick pony but he must not get trapped under the shadow of the Harry Potter franchise. This would be a tough fight for Radcliffe but by going on his work on The Woman in Black he has nothing to worry about.

The Woman in Black revolves around a young father who recently lost his wife during child birth and he is struggling to pay the bills. The only hope he has to save his family from bankruptcy is to take a case deep in the countryside concerning an old mansion where he has to try and clear the entire paperwork ready for the house to be re-sold. While in the village Kipps (Radcliffe) discovers that there has been something wrong with the village for a long time and now he’s stuck in the middle.

…don’t take the 12A rating for granted as it is certainly set to scare.

I can see why the film is a 12A as there is no blood or any scenes showing extensive violence, but it is one hell of a scary film and shouldn’t be seen by anyone under 15. Without giving too much of the plot away, there are scenes within the film that would give kids nightmares for the rest of their lives. That aside The Woman in Black is a great ‘Hammer Horror’, just what you’d expect to see from the legendary studio. Radcliffe is convincing in this chilling world but don’t take the 12A rating for granted as it is certainly set to scare.

4 Stars


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