The biggest question on every twentysomething’s lips, aside from how to find a job and how to pay back our crippling student loans, is which dating app to download to occupy your lunchbreak and commute. Because no one actually thinks they’ll find love on these things, right? If you’re bored of the dick pics and messages from creeps looking to take you to sex dungeons, here’s some trialled and tested alternatives to pick from.


Plenty of Fish

The hugely successful website has made it in the app world, with a free download and account that syncs across devices, so you can carry on a lengthy conversation with your soulmate without getting twitchy thumbs. Anyone can start a conversation, there’s no ‘liking’ or ‘matching’ to be done, but this does mean anyone from an A-level student to a company CEO father-of-two can message you. You can even create your own witty username that may or may not get you the dates you’re after. You have to spend ages filling out a profile with every detail of your life, but then you know part of your mate’s life story without even asking. Men here seem to actually want to talk about you, which is a novel feature in this crazy online dating world.

Pro – guys who can actually hold a conversation, and no dick pics!

Con – defaults to sending you an email every time someone wants to ‘meet you’, so turn this off before it drives you mad.


Clocked AppClocked

Clocked takes its cue from Tinder with the swiping, but attempts to match you by asking you to describe yourself and what you look for in a partner. Potentials are given a star rating based on how well they match your search criteria, and a couple of ‘wild card’ matches are thrown in too. Fundamentally, it’s still swiping, but with a little more brains, and far fewer dick pics.

Pro – the only app that makes some effort to match you on personality

Con – far too many ‘wild card’ random pairings that bring it dangerously close to Tinder territory


Anti Date

A twist on the dating app fairy tale – women see men on a map, who have to ‘tap’ them before the men even see you, and only then can you start a conversation. Linked in with iOS so you get notifications when someone taps you, but oddly messages only last 24 hours, so you have to get in quick.

Pro – guaranteed freedom from creepy “wanna fuck?” messages and dick pics

Con – still early days, so there’s barely anyone signed up



Unlike Tinder, you get a whole page of men, with names, ages and mainly occupations, to scroll through at once, allowing for easy comparison. The app shows people you’ve ‘crossed paths’ with, so whether you’ve rubbed virtual shoulders at work or on the commute, they’ll show up, along with how often you cross paths. Not many guys seem willing to start conversations – the perennial problem – and even if they do, you’ll never know without religiously checking the app. Still a worthy download for casual scrolling.

Pro – seems to be full of above average guys

Con – it’s not synced with iOS notifications centre, so you have to open the app to see if anyone’s messaged you

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