House of cards influences people in more ways than you think. Of course the political intrigue is spellbinding, but did you know that a game Frank plays in season 2 (Monument Valley), saw a massive influx in sales after being shown on the hit show. Well in the latest series it happened again with the app game

It’s a simple enough premise. You start as a little coloured dot that has to absorb (or eat) other dots in the arena. When you eat these dots you grow a little in size. As you grow larger you can eat dots smaller than you, and as you grow massive you can devour everything.

To help on your dotty conquest you can fire out dots you are made up of (but you’ll get smaller) in an effort to catch other players or you can split (mitosis style) in an effort to corner or grab more dots.

… other times you die in a mere few seconds …

I thought naming myself something scary like bear would deter enemies… it did not!

However you aren’t the only one playing and players from all over the world will try to grow bigger than, and eat you.

The game is free to download and you’ll find yourself randomly playing it between usual goings on. Sometimes you’ll grow to monstrous sizes, other times you die in a mere few seconds of entering the game. There are also potions that you receive to brew over a select amount of time. Once opened these give you money or upgrades to gain skins for your dot.

Overall it’s all very addictive and being able to play with people worldwide means that there will always be a bigger dot out there gunning to eat you… at any time of the day! is free to download from iTunes


Game Review:
Easy to pick up, addictive and fun to play.
Value for money100%
93%Overall Score
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