Google Doodles have been generating a lot of buzz and excitement over the years since its origins, but this year they’re on a whole new level. Google has been coming out with one awesome doodle after another, each a little more dynamic than its predecessor.

Doodles are Google’s way of making the user’s search experience more fun by playing around with their logo to mark memorable days, celebrate holidays, anniversaries, lives of famous people etc. The first Google Doodle designed in 1998, was Larry and Sergey, the Google founders way of giving its users an out-of-office message because they had to attend the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. It turned out to be quite a hit with users and the following year, they asked one of their interns, now their current webmaster to design another doodle for Bastille Day. The doodle worked well and from then on it became a more and more regular occurrence; today Google has a dedicated team of designers working solely on doodles. Since ’98 to date there have been 700 doodles internationally.

…those six letters strung together need no translation wherever in the world you might be.

By customizing and changing their logo to commemorate everything ranging from Einstein’s birthday to national holidays in individual countries, Google have become pioneers in something that most brands would not dare to do. But for Google this comes easy, considering the way in which it is no longer just a globally recognised brand but pretty much on its way to becoming a verb and a proper noun all on its own.  “Google it” is a phrase that comes as easy as ABC and those six letters strung together need no translation wherever in the world you might be. So if anyone has some clout to fool around with their logo its Google.

Image courtesy of Google


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