Everybody uses a computer now, and if you don’t, you’re either too old or too young. In the last ten years the boom in our usage of the internet and technology has exploded to the point that we now rely on a computer to do the basic of things. Rather than pick up a piece of paper and pen, or use your mind, we are but one click away from a calculator to solve the easiest of calculations.

Now we can live a complete online life; to the point that we don’t even need to leave the house if that situation befell you. Banking, shopping, social media and entertainment can all be accessed via your computer and internet.

But what happens if you get hacked? Hacking is the new terror that any computer user should be fully aware of. For a detailed explanation and ways to beat Hacking check out The Hitchhikers Guide To Hacking.

…if a code can be written it can be broken…

Virus threat hit Israeli Foreign Ministry computersAfter all, the internet is just made up by code, and if a code can be written it can be broken. Celebrities are usually the ones who get their social media accounts hacked, which leads to rude of terrible things being posted in their name. Of course for us lesser mortals it is more about obtaining bank details or sensitive information. In recent years hackers have stolen bank details from the source, disrupted Amazon and even cracked the unbreakable Facebook code.

The best thing is to remember to keep an eye on your accounts and expenditure. If you think you’ve been hacked then get in contact with your bank(s) ASAP. Regularly update your passwords and never use the same one for everything. Lastly do not trust even your closest friend with your personal details as they may not be as careful as they would be with their own.

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