Everyone has their favourite and worst movies. From those Disney classics that you grew up with to the B-movie trash that is shown very early in the morning, whatever happens you will never agree with everyone on the best or the worst because we are all different.

Director wise there are a staple of household names that have delivered cinematic excellence over the last 30 years. Names like Spielberg, Romero, Lucas and Burton deliver us films that shake our core. Tales of adventure, horror, excitement or the genuinely bizarre are firmly engraved in our cultural memory of what makes up and is a good movie. Story and character arcs are our first recollection when seeing a new film. “This is just Pocahontas in space!” says one friend after watching Avatar while another explains to me the similarities of Harry Potter to various other films. How we perceive the films we like and the way they are constructed is from what has become before. There are only 7 basic plots because every film you watch can be tracked back to one of these founding ideas. This isn’t a bad thing; in fact it’s a wonderful thing as reinventing a story and coming up with something original is a powerful thing that is needed in Hollywood right now.

… His films often are made to shock, but unfortunately reflect that he has no idea what he is doing …

With this in mind I draw your attention to the German/Canadian film director Uwe Boll. Boll is, in my opinion, the worst and yet most interesting film director in the world. Anyone who has seen one of his films cannot deny that structurally they are terrible and lack a clear thought process behind them. His films often are made to shock, but unfortunately reflect that he has no idea what he is doing. In various interviews and reviews of his work Boll will defend them to the death, often blaming the fat cats in Hollywood who supposedly know nothing about making films. For a man who has made some of the worst films in recent cinema to blame those that have pioneered the greatest moments in cultural viewing history is suicide.

If you had asked me two years ago what I thought of Uwe Boll I would have told you that he is an immoral idiot that is what is wrong with the film world. A man that spoils cinema for the rest of us and makes it that little bit harder to get into the industry. With men like Boll making their own movies and heckling Hollywood, why would anyone invest in a new film maker like me or my friends? However, as time has gone by I look at Uwe Boll and marvel at his sheer determination.

… Boll is a fighter …

I am often told that there are those that do and those that don’t and Boll is definitely a doer. Even after winning ridiculous amounts of Razzies, having a petition made to make him retire and even worse his own company setting up what they called “Raging Boll” where the director challenged his harshest critics to a round of boxing to see who was right. For all his insane antics, flimsy defences and stabs at the big Hollywood movies Boll is a fighter. Perhaps its sheer stupidity, but you can’t help but admire someone who is constantly told they are wrong (everyday by hundreds of people!) and still gets up and goes to their job, happy that they are making movies.

For that I salute Uwe Boll. I just wonder how he sleeps at night knowing that he has contributed to cinema by making not one, but over twenty of the worst films in history.

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