If I surveyed a hundred people, asking them a very simple question; “Have you ever heard of a band called Ivyrise?” there is a more than likely chance that they would say no.

When lead singer, Ben Falinski approached a crowd of fired-up Green Day fans one cold and windy June afternoon in 2010 outside London’s Wembley Stadium, he was on a mission – a mission to promote his band.

I watched as Mr. Falinski and the rest of Ivyrise, the line-up completed by Dan Tanner (lead guitar), Mark Nagle (bass guitar) and Josh Thaxton-Key (drums) edged their way nervously through the queuing sea of mohawks, trying their best to get people to listen to their music and hand out leaflets promoting their tour.

But everyone’s reaction was the same – they weren’t there for Ivyrise, they were there to see a real band, and even if people did like them, they would soon be forgotten after the evening ahead…

…a chilling riff and an epic, unforgettable chorus…

When I eventually got round to meeting the band, who formed in 2007, they intrigued me right from the start. I listened to their first and second singles, Tips and Disguise, released two years previously, which struck me as unique and simply brilliant.

I decided to do a bit of research into the band the next day. Their 2009 single, 1000 Feet is probably their best song yet, with a chilling riff and an epic, unforgettable chorus.

Not only that, they had previously supported Bon Jovi at Twickenham Stadium on their Lost Highway Tour. I knew that this band weren’t going to be left by the wayside – they were going to make it big.

…Ivyrise will soon dominate the world of rock…

But ‘big’ isn’t good enough for Ivyrise, after having contacted lead guitarist, Dan Tanner recently, it is clear to me that Ivyrise will soon dominate the world of rock, and are currently working on their debut album, from which a track titled Line Up The Stars has just been released.

After having become so attached to the band, and watching them, well, rise… I hope that in the near future, I will be able to browse a busy London street, select a hundred people and ask them that same question, and receive a different answer.

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Hi I'm Megan, I'm 17 and I'm from England. I like writing and going to concerts. I also like turtles. So yeah I'm rubbish at bios xD

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  1. Liz Lewis

    We first met Josh and Mark outside Shepherds Bush Empire queuing in freezing temperatures for Cobra Starship. The boys played their music to my daughter and her friends and before I knew it, I was buying tickets to see them play two days later. Haven’t looked back since. The guys are lovely, friendly and approachable. They really care about their fans and never turn them away. You will often find them outside bigger gigs – we saw them outside Hammermsith Apollo waiting for MCR.
    Finally I bought into the band when they went “public”. No regrets about that.
    They deserve a shot at the big time and we will be there cheering them on



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