This time two years ago (almost) I was in New York, walking through Broadway, trying to decide what musical I should spend one of my evenings watching. To this day, it is my biggest regret of the trip that I didn’t choose the musical, which was taking the nation by storm, The Book Of Mormon. Not so high on my list of regrets is the fact that I then overlooked the Frankie Valley musical, Jersey Boys… I ended up watching Chicago instead. Sigh.


JERSEY_boysBut now, what luck there is that the Jersey Boys film is soon coming to our screens, directed by none other than Mister Clint “I-Talk-To-Empty-Chairs” Eastwood. Who else is excited?

I’ll be honest, I want to like this film. I really do. I like Clint. I like Christopher Walken, one of the film’s stars, and I have to say that I like Frankie’s songs. But really, I mean really, does anyone expect this film to be a huge hit? It’s not depicting John Lennon, Ray Charles or Bob Dylan, people whose life’s work is astounding when you look at their beginnings. And to be honest, save one or two classics, who can reel off track after track by The Four Seasons?

…I imagine this to be an instantly forgettable 134 minutes…

I want this to be a good film, as I said. I hope I’m proved wrong, but I imagine this to be an instantly forgettable 134 minutes.

On the plus side, The Book Of Mormon movie has been announced.



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