If you’ve managed to catch a glimpse of any self-respecting Hotly Tipped List for 2011 then you’ve probably heard about Jessie J. I’m sure that by the time this article is published she’ll be yesterday’s news, having been murdered by Radio 1’s limited playlist – her CD lying on the floors of teenage girls’ bedrooms, cast aside by Lady Gaga’s 20 track epic. In the final days of 2010, however, while I was trying to while away the last few days of ‘crimbo limbo’ in my bedroom, Jessie J seemed like pretty hot property.

Miss J is part of a new generation of pop divas

In my view, there’s something really quite exciting about this bad ass Essex gal. Jessie J’s Wikipedia page reads more like the obituary of an industry legend, not a 22 year old emerging popstar. Having kissed goodbye to the whole Brit school/west-end thing, Jessie moved state side and began her career as a songwriter. If you’ve ever wondered who bought Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA to our world then wonder no more. And it doesn’t stop at Miley. Jessie worked with Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera and even Mr. Timberlake. Timberland himself has labelled this songstress as ‘the best singer in the world right now’. This is no exaggeration; just one glance at her homemade Youtube videos proves her worthy.

Manufactured pop puppets are becoming increasingly thin on the ground and nostalgia has prompted us to long for artists with a personality that stems further than which Jonas brother they’re dating. Jessie is far from manufactured, she’s done the circuit and has proven she’s worthy of the crown. She doesn’t just write her own songs, she writes smash hits; perfectly crafted pop music that isn’t lost among the repetitive tones of N-Dubz and Tinchy Stryder. At last the pop industry is regaining some respect. Before Gaga came along we were still reveling in the golden days of Kylie and Madge.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the future of pop is here and her is name is Jessie J.

There’s something slightly old fashioned about these new Queens of the charts. They not only produce seriously good pop music but also seem to seek out controversy. First Madonna and her episode on the cross, then Gaga and the raw meat and now Jessie J with her post-Feminism. Raw meat now seems to be en vogue as the video for Jessie’s debut single Do It Like A Dude features Jessie and her mates carving into suspiciously phallic pieces of animal. Obviously the title of the song speaks for itself but a whole element is lost if one doesn’t watch the video. For what is the line ‘we can do it like the man’dem, man’dem’ without the image of gyrating, sweating, sexy females getting down and dirty in a warehouse somewhere in Brooklyn?

Jessie does Virginia Woolf 21st century style; she brings sex and glamour to this previously dry topic of intellectual debate. There’s not a burnt bra in sight. Yes we could be cynical and point out the whopping paradox of having women promiscuously grabbing their crotch while singing, “I can do it like a brother, do it like a dude”, but it’s just not worth the effort.

Jessie J does her own thing. She’s got attitude, style and (heaven forbid) a personality. I know I’m putting my neck on the line here, and like the rest of us she could have crashed and burned by 2012, but let’s hope she defies the apocalypse and lives on. After all, she’s wholly capable of world domination. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the future of pop is here and her is name is Jessie J.

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