The recent riots in London robbed many people of many things; their livelihoods, their houses, their possessions, even their sense of pride in their own country. Another loss to add is that of our independent music labels after the PIAS warehouse in Enfield, which holds stock for a huge amount of independent record labels in the UK, was burnt down on Monday night.

In recent times, the sales of physical music has obviously taken a large hit, and the growth in shared media and downloaded music has meant some independent record labels are finding themselves in tough times.

…threatened with complete closure…

The fire destroyed over 3 million releases for over 160 indie labels, affecting artists from the heights of the Arctic Monkeys to the smaller artists, who rely on the support and love of these labels, such as Rachael Dadd and Peggy Sue. This has meant that some of the newer, smaller labels are threatened with complete closure and many people are losing their music, their jobs and their passion.

Thankfully, the love for independent music has never seemed to dwindle. Right now the love for these labels has never been more apparent, and has never been more vocalised. Fronted by Hannah Morgan through her Twitter account ‘@fionchadd’, the PIAS fundraiser LabelLove began, which is working to raise money and awareness to help and hopefully save the independent labels that were affected.

…back, promote and raise money for the threatened labels…

The amount of support it has received has let these labels know that help is indeed underway through donations and sales of independent music, and the support, love and passion for this cause shown through the twitter hashtag ‘#labellove’ and account ‘@_label_love_’. The immediate response to this campaign was huge and events have already been set up to back, promote and raise money for the threatened labels.

Now is the time to prove how important independent music is in our culture and that the criminal acts of a few cannot destroy the passion of millions.

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