No doubt you have seen the film version of Les Miserables or at least know how big a hit it was.

It was a little hard not to notice the advertising campaign, so close to the awards, which left a fresh feeling that the film would win everything under the sun. So come awards season it scooped Academy awards and an array of other prestigious, film related acclaim.

But was this down to a well-known story from a beloved musical, or something else?

…you could pick any number of well-respected actors from Hollywood…

Much of the criticism of the film focused on the main actor’s ability to sing. Sure you could pick any number of well-respected actors from Hollywood which would slot into roles of Jean Valjean or Javert, much like the 1998 version starring Liam Neeson. However, for this production they needed to sing, and it is evident from Russell Crowe’s performance that he could not.

The film exhibits a new technique that means the actors would sing on set, in real time, rather than 6 months before in a recording studio. This shows off the passion of the moment, but does it lend for a good experience? In the past Hollywood was notorious for dubbing leads with professional singers, and although the sound quality is fantastic within the film, the performances leave something to be desired for.

…will it cause problems in the future?…

Check out this worthwhile video from BANG & OLUFSEN who pioneered the technology for the film:



What did you think of this new technique? Was it a fantastic new way to film a musical or will it cause problems in the future? Let us know below.

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