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WRECK-IT RALPHHowever, after recently watch Wreck-It Ralph, I cannot help but speak as true from my heart as is possible. This film was phenomenal! I went in not knowing what to expect, and was met with one of the greater Disney films in the past twenty years. The brainchild of Rich Moore and John Lasseter, Wreck-If Ralph is a cinematic experience that will have each and every film lover and video-game lover drooling with not only its wit and humour, but also its fantastic sense of nostalgia.

Set inside the circuit boards of dozens of arcade games, the story focuses on Ralph, the villain of Fix It Felix Jr. and a character who gets shunned, simply for the way he is programmed. As Ralph endeavours to win over the respect of those around him, he shifts between games, venturing on a journey that helps himself, and all those he meets on the way, learn who they truly are. There are some fantastic one-liners, and even better visual gags, and some plot-twists that definitely caught me off guard, but they are all encompassed within a story of a man who just wants to fit in. In true Disney style, there are moments that are incredibly sugar coated (when you see the film, you will excuse the pun) and a few moments where the exposition of forthcoming events is a touch on the nose. Nonetheless, when you remember that this is a children’s film, you look past that, and enjoy this film for what it is: pure entertainment.

…the loveable oafishness he brings with him adds a dimension to the protagonist…

WRECK-IT RALPHThe biggest asset overall for this film is the references and nuances it makes to the influential games we have come to love in real life. For example, Ralph attends Bad-Anon, a support group for all game villains, such as Bowser (Mario), Dr. Robotnik (Sonic The Hedgehog) and Clyde (Pac Man), which is held in the belly of Pac Man’s maze. Then there is Q*bert, a character out of a home because nobody will play his game anymore. Then there is Ralph and his nemesis Felix, who pay homage to the beloved Mario and Donkey Kong in their appearance, game-play, and professions. With a storyline that is already very inventive, taking part in a world that rivals any that has ever before been presented on the big screen, the littering of these subtle references is just the icing on the cake of a thoroughly entertaining cinematic experience.

I have never been a huge fan of John C. Reilly, the voice behind Ralph, however I really do think that he did this part justice. Many die-hard fans will already know that he and Sarah Silverman, the voice of Ralph’s heroine, improvised a lot of their recordings in the sound studio together, and I think that the loveable oafishness he brings with him adds a dimension to the protagonist that will see fans of all ages wanting to come to his rescue.

…my particular favourite; an Oreo joke…

WRECK-IT RALPHThere are several more parts that can be talked about with this film. Much like all good Pixar movies, there are thousands of trivial facts that can be reeled off, whether they are film references, game references, or my particular favourite; an Oreo joke. But instead of reading about them all, it cannot be expressed enough, just how much they all need to be seen! Wreck-It Ralph, although it may not have the panache of films such as Toy Story or Monsters Inc. it is certainly meets the mark with its entertainment value. A certifiable must-see!

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