With award season rolling round and the latest batch of Oscar nominations having been announced, there’s no doubt that this is the time of year when a strong focus seems to settle on the film industry. But it’s not just the glamour of these star-studded award ceremonies that have whet our viewing appetite, as January also plays host to one of London’s most exciting film events, the London Short Film Festival.

Running from January 10th-19th, and now in its 11th year, the London Short Film Festival is widely thought of as one of the best festivals for ambitious UK filmmakers to showcase their work and maybe even nab a couple of coveted awards while they’re at it.

Film fans will be spoilt for choice for the duration of the festival with over 75 events being held in venues across the capital. And with a full programme of over 300 new short films from British filmmakers, as well as retrospectives of well-known filmmakers, panel discussions and debates around filmmaking, and special events including live music and parties, there’s bound to be no shortage of great events to choose from.

…the festival has year in, year out attracted the very best of the UK’s raw talent…

Best known for its daring cross-arts programming, the festival has year in, year out attracted the very best of the UK’s raw talent and this year is no different, playing host to a record breaking number of programmes which will suit all tastes. This year’s themes include ‘God’s Lonely Men’, ‘Teenage Girls Go Crazy’ and ‘The Gothic & The Grotesque’, which collaborates with the BFI’s Gothic season, featuring new short films that draw upon horror and darker themes. 

The festival is a must for film lovers, promising to be an event jam-paked with the very best short films made in the last year, so be sure to check it out before it finishes.


LSFF2013 Festival Trailer from London Short Film Festival on Vimeo.


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