The large majority of reviews will focus on a specific film, but I want to take a slightly different approach, as there are two films that are both worth watching, but pay most of that success to one largely unknown actor.

Luis Tosar produces outstanding performances in both Cell 211 and Even the Rain that almost single handedly thrusts these Spanish films to the upper echelons of any films-to-see list. In Cell 211 Tosar plays the prisoner, Malamadre, leading a siege hell-bent on escaping the jail. His cavalier performance as the lead villain catapults the film, alongside an interesting storyline and capable supporting cast to create a fantastically enjoyable watch.

His cavalier performance as the lead villain catapults the film.

Even the Rain was a film that I had been excited to watch for some time. Set in Bolivia the story tackles the subject of the locals struggle for water, through the eyes of a group of Spaniards out filming the story of Christopher Columbus and his subsequent persecution of indigenous population.

The film had all the elements of a classic, with an interesting plot and a touching story, but it fails to create anything markedly special. However the story is saved from the scrap heap due to Tosar’s compelling performance as Costa, the film’s producer, which resurrects the waning film, whilst connecting the viewer emotionally to his own personal journey.

Cell 211 is a must-see made fantastic by Tosar’s performance.

Cell 211 is a must-see made fantastic by Tosar’s performance. Even the Rain, like any blossoming team carried through by their leader, is made watchable due to the truly impressive acting of Luis Tosar.


Even the Rain – 3 Stars


Cell 211 – 4 Stars


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