The media is becoming a more regular and more important part of people’s lives. But who are the people that have the most power and influence in one of the most competitive industries in the world?


Job's presides over another convention

Steve Jobs | Apple

Age: 55

Role: Co-founder, Chairman, Chief Executive

Company Turnover: $42.9bn

Industry: Digital Media

Jobs started out by changing how we listen to music. Now, he’s in the process of changing how we do almost everything else. The iPad has the potential to replace mediums like newspapers, books and magazines, while saving them through apps.



Google's Larry Page

2) Sergey Brin and Larry Page | Google

Age: 36 (Brin), 37, (Page)

Roles: Co-founders, President of Technology (Brin), President of Products (Page)

Worth: $17.5bn (each)

Industry: Digital Media

Creators of the most popular search engine in the world, these two head up one of the most powerful companies in the world. With Google Mail, Docs, and a little thing called YouTube on the side it’s no surprise they’re a close second.



Is Rupert's influence fadding?

3) Rupert Murdoch | News Corporation

Age: 80

Role: Chairman, CEO

Worth: $4.12bn

Industry: Broadcasting, Publishing, Digital Media

Responsible for The Sun, The Times, soon the whole of  BSkyB, this media mogul arguably has the most influence over the British public. His failures to break into online territory however have kept him lagging behind our front two.



A man with a very grand title

Mark Thompson | BBC

Age: 52

Role: Director General

Salaray: £838,000

Industry: Broadcasting, Publishing, Digital Media

Thompson oversees a publicly funded institution with a turnover of £4.8bn, which has to please the public and the government. He has been in the position since 2004, and coped has with criticism of the BBC’s vast spending and internal problems.



He wants you to add him on MySpace

5. Mark Zuckerberg | Facebook

Age: 26

Role: Founder, Chief Executive

Worth: $9bn

Industry: Digital Media

The youngest  billionaire ever, the creator of Facebook now has a site with a membership 500 million strong. With close to 2 million actions performed every minute, this man’s college project has become a huge part of people’s lives.



"Just setting up my twttr..."

Evan Williams | Twitter

Age: 38

Role: Co-founder, Chief Executive

Expected Company Turnover: $150m

Industry: Digital Media

Still the internet phenomenon of the moment, twitter is fast becoming the way to communicate. Used professionally by journalists, politicians, celebrities and aid relief initiatives in emergency circumstances like that of the earthquake in Japan.



Will the X Factor be a hit in the US?

Simon Cowell | SyCO, X Factor

Age: 50

Role: Presenter, Founder, Entrepreneur

Worth: £165m

Industry: Broadcasting, Music

Love him or hate him, ITV would not be in the position it is today without him. He is responsible for two of the biggest and most popular money making shows: Britain’s/America’s Got Talent and The X Factor.



Does the son of Murdoch have what it takes?

James Murdoch | News Corporation

Age: 37

Role: Chairman, Chief executive,(News Corp, Europe and Asia), Chairman (BSkyB)

Industry: Broadcasting, Publishing

Son of Rupert, James oversees all of News Corp’s media output in Europe and Asia. His father still owns the company and ultimately, calls the shots, which is why he is much higher up the list.



A man made famous by a four letter word slip...

Jeremy Hunt | UK Government

Age: 43

Role: Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport

Industry: Politics, Media

For a role that is usually quite distant in authority at Westminster, Jeremy Hunt is now in the thick of government. Responsible for Culture, Media, Sport and the London Olympics in 2012, he has promised a reform of the BBC and commercial Television.



Sir Sorrell head of WPP

Sir Martin Sorrell | WPP

Age: 65

Role: Group Chief Executive

Worth: £115m

Industry: Advertising, Marketing

Starting out by investing in Wire Plastic Products, which made wire shopping baskets in 1985; Sorrell expanded quickly and is now in charge of the largest advertising and marketing group in the world.


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