I always find it strange when someone says that their hobbies include music. Not playing a specific instrument or making it, but simply music. My counter argument to having music as a hobby is who doesn’t enjoy music? We are constantly bombarded with tunes, songs and sounds everywhere. So I find it hard to understand why just music can be a hobby. Everyone likes music. I’ve never met anyone who dislikes music or maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong place. My point is next time try and be more specific.

So a while back a company started called Spotify. They had millions of songs online that you could listen to for free. Then (like napster) the record labels got a bit grumpy and you had to pay to use Spotify, however it wasn’t much and you could still use Spotify on your computer for free (despite a few pesky adverts in-between songs). And that is where we have got to in Spotify saga. It can be downloaded on to your smartphone and you can even save playlists to your phone so if you lose wifi or 4g you can listen to that track you love to bits.

I have got to the point in my life where I need constant music running through my head even on the shortest of walks. Spotify has an amazing selection of all kinds of music, for every taste. You can create and even share playlists with friends. It’s actually quite neat.

So when you next meet someone who says they love or like music. Look at them strangely, end the conversation, put headphones in, log onto spotify and walk away. Because my friend You’re wasting valuable listening time.



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