Everyone loves the summertime because of the sunshine, the trips to the beach, the barbeques and the long relaxing days with the people you love, and so naturally, with all this excess happiness, the music we choose starts to reflect that.  Some bands, whether they mean to or not, just make that type of music that goes perfectly with summer days, so here’s a short countdown of essential bands to get playing when the sun comes out.


4.  Reel Big Fish

There is a simple reason why this six-piece Californian ska-punk band are so much fun to listen to, and it’s that they never take themselves too seriously. Sure, they are professional musicians and write brilliantly catchy songs, but with album names such as Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album and Fame, Fortune and Fornication it’s apparent that they are in it for the fun as well as the money. With their bouncing saxophone rhythms and energetic trumpet blasts, Reel Big Fish are not a band to listen to indoors or through an iPod, but outside, on the beach with all your friends, celebrating the sunshine.

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3. Vampire Weekend

After a year of hard work, we all look forward to summer because it’s a chance for us to let loose and go a bit wild, and there’s no greater track to release all your energy to than 2008 single A-Punk.  The song of the summer that year hasn’t lost any of its dance-inducing magic, and they’ve continued to make similar playful tunes that are perfect for letting your hair down to, since. For every song that is full of bubbling indie liveliness, however, there’s a song like Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa that makes you want to set up a picnic, grab your beverage of choice and soak in the freedom.

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2. Jack Johnson

From his big back catalogue of calming soft rock hits, it’s the opening slide of Banana Pancakes, accompanied by the gentle crackle of the recording, which makes Jack Johnson remind me of the summertime. His mellow acoustic songs seem to drift into your ears, and tracks like Banana Pancakes and Better Together epitomise the relaxed Hawaiian attitude Johnson brings to his music. More than anything, Jack Johnson plays the kind of music that comes so naturally to him and lets us experience the beach, warmth and enviable tranquillity of Hawaii.

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1. Paolo Nutini

I‘m not sure whether it’s down to his optimistic bluesy songs, or his happy-go-lucky performances but Paolo undoubtedly has that relaxing, feel-good quality about him. He has won awards for his festival appearances and has really made a name for himself as a summer act, bagging headline slots, and winning awards for them, at the likes of Latitude and Rockness in 2011 and has consistently appeared at just about every major festival since 2006. At his most lively he is an act that invites even the stuffiest of people to dance, but it’s his slower moments, with his soft Scottish voice, which you can let waft over you with the warm summer breeze.

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