I am always pleasantly surprised at what people can do musically.

Although I can belt out a tune, when it comes to picking up an instrument; something in me panics. This results in a weird mishmash of random notes and what I call “stupid fingers”.

Venture out into any of the tourist hotspots and you will find buskers and entertainers trying to pull in the crowds. Recently I bore witness to the best beatboxing I will probably ever witness. What made it special was the superior sound quality emanating from the singers voice, the fact he was projecting it from a disused orange road cone, and that he was homeless.

…a case of practice makes perfect…

Beatboxing is an interesting take on music and the wonderful thing is that it really is a case of practice makes perfect. You don’t need expensive lessons or equipment. It is solely up to you.

Beatboxing has become more prolific in recent years with various acts making it onto reality TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent and the American version. And why shouldn’t it be at the forefront of musically culture? If anything it could be seen as the evolution of singing as you are becoming the instrument.  With the youtube sensation of acapella exploding with covers of old fashioned game, film and television shows, Beatboxing is just the music industries alternative.

…a cute campaign…

So do you think you have what it takes to be a champion Beatboxer? Ribena have just unleashed a cute campaign to get kids to learn how to Beatbox.

Check out the blurb from Ribena: School’s out for summer and we have the perfect boredom busters to help you entertain the kids when they get restless, the Let’s Do It Club from the makers of Ribena! It’s jam packed with activities that they can do alone or with the whole family, even better everything is free or low cost! It’ll inspire them to garden on a sunny day or get creative in the kitchen! So join us to make these the best summer holidays ever!

Check it out here and get involved:




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