Swedish four piece band Francobollo have been steadily making a name for themselves on UK shores since 2009. Recently they’ve started to gain a star studded following, particularly with Cam Blackwood (music producer extraordinaire) inviting them into the studio to record their latest track Stephen Hawkings. While it lacks any discernible link to the famed scientist, the track has a charm all of its own.

Francobollo have an endearingly chunky, pop-punk sound, and this track has tumultuous guitars and percussion. It’s upbeat, making it easy to see how the band have attracted a keen following at their gigs.

The song is grungily layered, falling away to bold rhythms, and topped off by Simon Nilsson’s endearingly accented voice – the icing on the hypothetical cake.

…the same formula of rocky rhythm and distinctive vocal…

Other tracks by Francobollo include whimsical titles like I found a bike today and We’re going to Rio, both of which share the same formula of rocky rhythm and distinctive vocal.

It’s easy to hear traces of Nirvana, Pavement, and even indie-electro darlings OK GO. Importantly though, the component parts blend to create a unique and catchy sound.

…they’re one to watch before they hit the big time…

Currently the Swedes are touring around the UK. They have the sound of a great live band, and, although they’re selling tickets from £4, they’re one to watch before they hit the big time.

Francobollo’s music reeks of the festival-led Summer, making this being a perfect band to watch outside, with cider in hand, and mud threatening to overflow into your wellies.



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