Music careers are very fickle things. Thanks to the likes of X-Factor and American Idol, we are now bombarded with pop star wannabes whose career lengths vary from influential longevity to one song obscurity. But before all of this tragedy affected the world there was a time when boy bands ruled the planet. From the early days of Take That, East 17 and Boyzone; all the way to N-Sync and Westlife. It was a golden era that is long gone (except for the older groups coming back every now and again), but for Westlife the party is truly over as recently the band said their final farewell to their fans at their last tour at the O2 London.

Seeming like the younger brother of Boyzone (even being managed by the granddaddy of pop, Louis Walsh, and Boyzone’s own Ronan Keating), Westlife grew in popularity steadily and often released No.1 hits in the UK and Ireland.

…hoping that with every performance they’ll grow their fan base that little bit more…

This group of singers made it big, but have decided enough is enough and too right. With the feeling that anyone can do anything they want to, we are flooded by literally thousands of bands trying to make it big. How many friends do you have who have various songs on their iPods that you have never even heard of because “they saw them in some bar and you should download their stuff”?

The use of Youtube and Myspace has inflated this even more to the point of stagnation. Sure there are some talented folk out there, but with everyone trying to push through the door at the same time no one gets anywhere and reality pop music shows seem the quick and easy way in.

…other big bands are making their come backs and succeeding…

It’s a shame Westlife had to call it quits as other big bands are making their come backs and succeeding (Take That), but the band has left its mark on the world and I am sure they will not be forgotten any time soon (especially in Ireland).

Check out the worthwhile video of some Westlife fans saying their goodbyes and grab a tissue.



Image courtesy of Westlife


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